Antologia is a collection born out of a deep admiration for different artistic disciplines and a sound knowledge of the world of colour. The collection offers a wide range of colours in 126 shades inspired by history, architecture and the decorative arts, evoking memories of the past to give colour to an ever-changing present.



Past Inspires Present

Antologia represents the respect and admiration for the heritage of art through time.

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Each colour establishes a connection with a time and place in art and culture.


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Beauty and precision

The colours of the Antologia collection are produced following a unique formulation, using pigments and ingredients of the highest quality, exclusively by means of Colormix, CIN’s advanced instant paint mixing system. These are the elements that produce the perfect texture, desired touch and durability that characterise our brand.

Passion and commitment

We always insist on producing the highest quality. We go over and above the requirements of quality, safety and environmental regulations. We constantly innovate and improve our manufacturing techniques. All our commitments work towards fulfilling a mission that has been our passion from day one – to create colours that inspire you.